What is the difference between Property Management and Property Maintenance?


Property Management:

Activities related to individual apartments and chalets in terms of security, guests meet, greet and check out cleaning and laundry, repair works etc.


Property Maintenance:

Activities related to the common areas of a complex/block such as ensuring proper function of the electrical system plumming and drainage system, elevator is in order, hygiene is maintained, security 24 hour or night time, gardening and landscaping, annual inspection of the roof and guttering, chimney sidings/flashings ,snow cleaning, reception spa and swiming pool maintenance.


Should I use the company maintaining the complex to look after my investment?


If you feel you can trust them in full than this is a simple solution for you. However it’s no secret that a lot of apartment owners have suffered from the bad practices of some complex/block maintenance companies. It is not uncommon to find that you are missing items or suddenly your kettle has changed color, the toaster is not working the TV is not your TV etc. Some companies have even been caught letting out apartments without the owner’s knowledge or permission.


How do I prevent those things from happening and how can I check if my Apartment is being  used without my permission while I’m away?


Be sure to regularly ask your management company to take the water and electric readings from the meters and also to send you scans of the bills for each month. Once you get track of those you’ll be able to find out if someone has been in your apartment just by comparing the readings from the previous month.


With our Online Audit System you can check your electric and water readings, pay bills and annual property taxes towards municipality, and arrange cleans repairs etc. at a click of a button.


How do I increase my bookings and should I use my management company to source rentals out?


When you are looking for a company to manage your property it’s not unlikely that you’ll get promises for many bookings. However bear in mind that there are a lot of apartments advertised on the internet and the chances to get a good amount of weeks booked through only one website are very slim. Also Christmas and New Year’s week are relatively easy to sell the same goes for half term. The best way to ensure a bigger number of weeks booked throughout the winter season is to advertise in platforms like Bookings.com and other similar websites. We will be happy to arrange a professsional photographer to take Advertising photos of your property for the purpose.


How to choose the best Property management company for my needs?


Do a bit of research, have a look at the services and price lists enquire and describe your needs. The feedback you’ll get will give good ideas of which of the companies you’ve addressed are flexible and willing to arrange things outside their services list in order to suffice your needs. How long did it take them to get back to you? Have they understood your questions as there is nothing more frustrating than getting a reply that failed to understand the question? Compare prices and what you will be getting for your money.Bear in mind that cheap prices could lead to cheap service.


OK I’ve made my choice now what?


Please  contact us and we will be happy to get back to you within 24 Hours

After taking a new client on board, we change locks to the front door of the apartment /house and keep two copies of the keys with us. This way we ensure the security of your property and take full responsibility for it as long as we are the only other key holder besides you.



How do I register and start using the Online Audit System



First off you have to accurately fill in the registration form in our web page.



You could either click here and proceed with the registration or go on the REGISTRATION tab on the home page.



After filling in all of the mandatory tabs the system will accept your registration. Afterwards we will revise you registration and get back to you with a conformation email within 24h.


When all security steps are taken you can login and start using the system.



To be on the safe side please check your you junk/spam box if you haven’t received the conformation email. If those do not contain the confirmation than please contact us via email or phone  and we will activate your profile shortly after hearing from you.