Online Audit System




After registering on our website you  will be able to log on to your personal account and monitor what is the current condition of your property in terms of the security checks conducted by us past and upcoming payments towards municipality, water and electric companies, TV and Internet providers.



Also you will be able to cover your water and electric bills through the website and have the relevant payment documents or transaction details scanned and stored in your profile. The same applies for all other payments and also for repairs works renovations or purchase of additional items.

Meter readings are updated and stored in the profile after each payment.

All of this history is archived and available for each client individually at any time of the day or night.


This individual account also enables every client to send messages with questions and requests directly to us. Those along with the replies are also archived and available at any time.


The Online Audit System also allows the client to inform us of any guests expected and the arrangements required before the guests come out and after they have left in the case of back to back bookings.


In conclusion this platform operates in a very transparent cost effective, optimized and secure way providing 24 hour accounts and communication with us. The website enables apartment owners to be their own property managers receiving assistance from us upon request.

Using the Online Audit System you will reduce costs for utility and municipal bills as it will enable you to do those payments directly without having to engage someone to do this on your behalf. The same applies for entire apartment blocks/complexes Subscribtions are applicable with different managent options for more info please click on the links below


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