Alexandra Property Solutions


Alexandra  property solutions


We are here to provide our clients with a transparent cost-effective, efficient and secure management system allowing 24h accounting, audit and communication at the click of a button.


  • Reliability and peace of mind based on proof of the legitimacy of our actions.
  • Individual approach, flexibility and precision
  • Reliable cost effective and optimized practices and procedures


How transparent are your management costs?


Are you able to monitor the amounts spent for utility bills, on line without having to request this info ?



Online Audit System provides you with access to all the accounts and payment documents at the click of a button.

The team is being driven forward by the intention of the company’s proprietor to see innovative ideas come to life and optimize processes and general practices in the field of property and facility management in order to provide a cost-effective transparent management system.

Starting Alexandra Property Solutions was the first step in creating an Online Audit System based on the experience and confidence we have in the ability to maintain a high standard of service and precision while perusing results